Tips to help you adapt to your progressive lenses:

Although many people do not experience any issues with their new progressives, some people will not feel completely comfortable with them when they first pick them up, even if the progressives have been made correctly. In your first day or two, things may look different than you are used to, there may be some distortion of objects, you may notice a swimming effect and in some people who are prone to them may experience headaches or nausea. Ideally, you should wear your progressives as much as possible to speed up your brain's adaptation to these visual changes. However, if you are noticing any symptoms with your new progressives, do not wear them to drive until your symptoms have resolved. Some specific ideas that may help:

  1. If you cannot wear your progressives for the full day, then wear them as long as possible and try to wear them longer each day. Ensure you are putting your eyeglasses on straight and close to your face.
  2. You can also start by wearing them only when you are stationary and then, after a day or two, you can progress to wearing them when you are moving, as well.
  3. Point your nose at the thing you want to see (this will help you remember to turn you head in the proper direction to align the lenses with the object you are looking at), then move your head up or down slowly until it becomes clear.
  4. If your symptoms are severe, then please return to our office, as a frame adjustment will often help improve your symptoms. For each person, the ideal frame position with a progressive can be a slightly different and our staff can make the necessary adjustments for you.

If after 2 weeks and an adjustment by one of our staff, you are still having trouble with your progressives, please book an appointment with your doctor, who will work to determine the cause of and resolve your symptoms.

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