Reading Headaches

Reading Headaches - Doig Optometry - Optometrist Calgary
It's amazing the variety of symptoms that can occur from eye strain. If you've been noticing headaches during the day, or problems with your near or far vision, it could indicate that you require reading glasses.

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Considering Contacts

Considering Contacts - Doig Optometry - Calgary Optometry
When your loved ones keep asking “Why don’t you just get contacts?”, many glasses-wearers will have their comeback ready. Many believe that contacts are uncomfortable or unsafe, but these modern myths are about to get busted...

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Urgent Eye Care

Urgent Eye Care - Doig Optometry - Optometrist Calgary
In most instances, vision problems have a very gradual onset. That means that the majority of people won’t have to receive urgent eye care in their lifetime. However, if issues develop with your retina, cornea, or lens, they can cause quick onsets of vision problems.

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Summer Sunglasses

Summer Sunglasses - Doig Optometry - Optometrists Calgary
When it comes to protection from the sun, your eyes are at just as much risk as your skin, which is why finding a comfortable, reliable pair of sunglasses is so important. With our help, you’ll find them, and look great too!

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