Decot Hy-Wyd Glasses

At Doig Optometry, we have the privilege of helping Canadians find the right pair of hunting and shooting glasses. While most markspeople know that hearing protection is a necessity when going shooting, fewer are aware of just how important protective eyewear is as well. That’s why Doig Optometry is your go-to provider for Decot Sports Glasses in Calgary.

The Importance of Protective Shooting, Archery, and Hunting Eyewear

Every year, too many hunters are injured because they aren’t wearing appropriate protective gear. Errant birdshot, a ricochet, spent shells, and even excessive powder can blow back into your face and cause severe burns or trauma to your eyes. Environmental hazards like stray branches, leaves, dust, or insects can also get in your eyes if you’re spending many hours out in the bush. Shooting eyewear helps to prevent all these unfortunate accidents. Made with a shatterproof material, they redirect projectiles away from your face keeping your eyes—and your life—safe.

See Sharp; Shoot Sharp

As optometrists, the health and safety of your eyes is always our first priority. But many Alberta hunters find that shooting eyewear is useful beyond just the safety concerns. They report their hunting glasses actually make them a better shot. This is because Decot Hy-Wyd Glasses come with a wide variety of tinted coloured lenses, and the different colours can help make your target stand out more clearly. Many of the shooters we’ve talked to find yellow is particularly good when firing at targets at a gun range. However, we suggest experimenting with different colours in different contexts to find which ones are best for you. Decot Hy-Wyd makes this particularly easy since their lenses can be manually removed. That way if you prefer a different tint at dusk, you can swap out the lenses as needed while on the move.

Glasses Built for You

All of our patients know that we take time making the perfect pair of glasses for you very seriously. Glasses aren’t just a fashion accessory that we wear to complete our outfits. They’re a finely-tuned tool that our patients use every single day to safely navigate the world. A one-size-fits-all glasses solution usually results in headaches and lenses that aren’t quite right for all situations.

That’s why you’ll find that an appointment at Doig Optometry takes a little longer than you’re used to. We take a lot of careful measurements such as:

  • Inter-Pupillary Distance
  • Optical Centre height
  • Near Point Inset
  • Working Distance
  • Down Gaze Angle
  • Vertex Distance
  • Pantoscopic Tilt
  • Panoramic Angle
  • Binocular Balance
  • Lifestyle Visual Demands

But making the perfect pair of glasses for you goes beyond just angles and distances. It’s also knowing how your glasses will be used.

That’s why we love offering Decot Hy-Wyd Glasses to hunters, available in prescription and non-prescription, distance and bifocal. They’re made with your favourite activity in mind. The frames are built to fit onto your head snuggly, so they won’t wobble or move around even as you jog through the woods. The frame is also set behind the lenses to reduce fogging and smudging. When you’re shooting, you need perfect vision 100% of the time, and Decot Hy-Wyd understands that. In order to give you the widest field of vision possible, they also kept the bridge between the lenses small and made each lens large. Their optional hy-lo bridge lets you manually raise or lower the optical center of your glasses, so your sight is clear and perfect for every shot. Finally, Decot Hy-Wyd glasses are handmade in the States. When you’re out in the bush, you need durable glasses you can depend on. That’s why we chose a company that we can trust to offer only the highest quality products and uncompromised material or craftsmanship.

At Doig Optometry, we know that many Calgarians and rural Albertans enjoy hunting, archery, and shooting. In fact, we are currently the only Decot Sport Glasses provider in Calgary, and we offer both styles in a variety of colours in our office. We try to always keep a few pairs in stock and on display, so that you can take a look at the product, try it on, and get a feel for the different lenses. Protecting your eyes and improving your accuracy as a marksperson starts today! Stop by our conveniently located Calgary optometry clinic now!

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