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The staff and doctors at Doig Optometry are excited to be open again after the government mandated COVID-19 closures. We want to thank our patients for your understanding and for your support and loyalty during this difficult time. Click on the button below to see our response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

About Doig Optometry

Doig Optometry is the independent eyecare practice of Dr. Russell W. Doig, Optometrist. In case you are wondering, this is the same Dr. Doig who practiced for 15 years at Chinook Centre Mall in Calgary. After 20 years of Practice in a variety of clinics, Dr. Doig opened Doig Optometry to create a place where he could practice according to certain lofty standards he’s set for his own patient care.

Patient Care is our Priority

At Doig Optometry, we practice eye care with a Patient Care Priority® because we simply can’t practice in any other way. It’s not in our nature to do otherwise. It is the character and the personality of each of us individually and as a practice, and practicing this way makes our work joyful and fulfilling. It is the source of the energy within us that motivates us to give our very best to each and every patient.

We invite you to read about our Patient Care Priority® here.


I have a moderately high prescription and I love being able to empathize with patients who are anxious about the thickness of their lenses, for instance.

Meet Dr. Doig

My favourite part of my job is the satisfaction I feel when I have been able to help a patient with a problem and they are happy with the outcome.

Meet Dr. Chorel

“The Patient Care Priority ® means placing the greatest importance on addressing each patients vision care needs to their satisfaction.”

Dr. Russell Doig

Dr. Russell W. Doig is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Doctor of Optometry Program (1996). Dr. Doig Practiced in Ontario for 8 months before returning home to his native Alberta in 1997. Since then, Dr. Doig has provided eye care in Brooks, Didsbury, Drumheller, Strathmore and Calgary. Dr. Doig continues to practice in Strathmore, and after 15 years of practice in the Chinook Centre Mall, Dr. Doig opened his own optometry practice, Doig Optometry at Heritage Hill Professional Centre in October 2016.

Patient Care Priority

At Doig Optometry, Russell has implemented the best patient care practices he has learned since graduating as an Optometrist in 1996. These best patient care practices and our commitment to these standards is what we call our Patient Care Priority. You can read more about Doig Optometry’s Patient Care Priority here.

About Optometry

The word Optometry comes from two Greek words. Optos is a Greek word meaning “Visible or Seen” and Metria is a Greek word meaning “Measuring”. With these two root words, Optometry literally means “Measuring Vision.” Since the Greek word Metres means “Measurer”, an Optometrist is someone who measures vision.

Measuring vision involves three main tasks and a thorough Optometrist will assess how well you are doing in three key areas of vision:

1. The Refractive System is all about how your eyes focus. Can you see well at far and near distances without eyeglasses or contact lenses, or do you need corrective lenses to see your best? If you do, your Optometrist will help you decide which type of lenses are best for you.

2. Binocularity is all about how well your eyes work together. A caring Optometrist will make sure that your eyes are well co-ordinated, with no double vision, and that they are comfortable and relaxed.

3. Healthy eyes see well, so the final assessment your Optometrist will make is a thorough screening of Ocular Health.

If vision problems or potential problems are found, your Optometrist will recommend treatment options to ensure you maintain your best vision possible. Sometimes this means eyeglasses or contact lenses. Sometimes this means medications. Your Optometrist will help you understand the problem and what you can do to keep your eyes seeing well for life. Since changes in eye health can sneak up on us, it’s important to have regular eye exams to make sure you find out about any problems before they threaten vision! If you have any questions feel free to contact us here, or view our optometry services!

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