Prescription Sunglasses in Calgary

Find the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses that express your style while protecting your eyes! At Doig Optometry, our wide selection of sunglasses keeps you stylish and comfortable while meeting your personal vision needs. We are committed to providing the highest-quality prescription sunglasses in Calgary.

"Shielding your eyes with sunglasses is like giving your vision a suit of armour; it defends against the damaging rays of sunlight and glare, ensuring a lifetime of healthy sight and crystal-clear perspectives."

UV Protection And Polarized Sunglasses

Why Prescription Sunglasses? Two Reasons!

1. Function

Prescription Sunglasses provide you with optimum vision while protecting your eyes from:

  • Harmful Ultraviolet rays in the sunshine
  • Uncomfortable Brightness
  • Distracting Reflected Light and Glare

2. Fashion

Prescription Sunglasses provide eyeglass wearers with the same (or even better) style, and fashion others get from their non-prescription sunglasses.

To achieve these goals, the eye doctors and staff at Doig Optometry will make lens recommendations based on our personalized understanding of your vision needs. At our Calgary Clinic, we frequently recommend:

  • Lens materials that absorb UltraViolet light
  • UV Blocking coatings to absorb even more UV light. For more information about the risks of UV Light and UV protection, read this article "What is The Difference Between 100% UV Protection and Polarized Sunglasses?".
  • Anti-Reflective coatings to stop UV light from reflecting off the back of your sunglasses and into your eyes.
  • Fashion tints in many colours to compliment the look of your sunglasses and to accentuate your unique fashion and style.
  • Gradient Tints to make your sunglasses darker at the top where you need more sun protection and lighter at the bottom for better reading.
  • Polarized lenses that reduce or eliminate reflected light. Reflected light is the most uncomfortable and distracting light we see outdoors. Light reflecting off sand, water, or snow is added to the natural light in the sunshine to an intolerable level of brightness. Light reflecting off car windshields does the same when we are driving. Polarized lenses manage all this reflected light making your new Polarized Prescription Sunglasses as soothing and comfortable as they can be. For more information about Polarized lenses and to learn about the three circumstances where they are not recommended, read this article about The difference between Polarized and Photochromic Lenses.
  • Mirror Tints to provide a unique, stylish look… and privacy. We recently had a patient at our Calgary Clinic choose a Mirror tint “so nobody can see my eyes while I enjoy my favourite beverages at the beach bar” on their upcoming holiday.

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Experience the Difference of Prescription Sunglasses from Doig Optometry in Calgary

Don’t let the sun compromise your vision or style! Visit Doig Optometry to browse our extensive collection of prescription sunglasses and find your perfect pair. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the frames to fitting your lenses, ensuring you leave with the ideal pair of sunglasses for your needs.

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