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Patient Care Priority®

At Doig Optometry, we’ve coined the phrase “Patient Care Priority®” to articulate our commitment to standards we have set for ourselves that govern our patient care. These standards provide clear guidance and direction to staff and doctors as they make the many big and small decisions that impact patient outcomes. The Patient Care Priority® means placing the greatest importance on addressing each patient’s vision care needs to their satisfaction. The doctors and staff at Doig Optometry work together to achieve this and whenever possible, we strive to provide our patients with eye care that exceeds their expectations. How? We hope to provide eye care experiences that our patients will consider exceptional by placing an appropriate priority on:

Preparation for each patient encounter.

Before we meet in the exam room, we would like to learn as much as we can about your vision needs. This allows the Doctors and Staff at Doig Optometry to plan out the examination and the various tests needed, prior to your appointment. The Staff at Doig Optometry will ask you for certain information at the time you book your appointment, and they will ask you to bring other information with you at the time of your appointment. The Doctors will review this information and instruct the Staff to perform certain tests before your appointment begins. The Doctors will then review the information before seeing you. If we’ve seen you before, the Doctors and Staff at Doig Optometry will compare the new information with the results obtained at your prior visit in order to detect changes.


Effective Communication at each patient encounter.

An eye exam involves patients, doctors and staff asking and answering questions in order to find solutions. The doctor-patient relationship needs to be a relationship of trust so that questions are answered sincerely and accurately to bring about the best vision care outcomes. Courteous and congenial communication helps patients feel comfortable and safe enough to enter into a trusting conversation about their vision care needs. The Doctors and Staff at Doig Optometry respect the privacy of your personal health information and will carry out these conversations in confidentiality.

Making meaningful recommendations to summarize each patient encounter.

After each eye exam, patients should walk away with a clear understanding of the steps to be taken in addressing their vision care needs. Doctors and Patients work together to create a strategy and plan for addressing the patient’s vision care needs and where appropriate, they involve the Staff in carrying out their plans to address your vision care needs. Understandable explanations help patients feel confident in the recommendations made and appropriate follow up allows the Doctors to confirm that their recommendations are successful.

Continuity of Care.

At Doig Optometry, “Continuity of Care” starts with your first contact with our office and continues throughout our ongoing professional relationship with you. It means reviewing and comparing information from past and present visits. It occurs when Staff present the Doctors with the information obtained through preliminary testing and when the Doctors communicate their recommended treatment options back to the Staff. It includes our doctors communication with your Family Doctor, Medical Specialists, and your Pharmacist. Continuity of Care includes all the pieces of patient care that ensure each care provider is aware of the Patient’s vision care needs and concerns. It ensures that “everyone is on the same page”. Continuity of Care inspires confidence.

Doig Optometry’s Patient Care Priority® is just what you’d guess. It’s nothing more, and nothing less than the Priority we place on Patient Care. We invite you to experience it. Phone and book your next eye exam at Doig Optometry today.

Our Passion

We have discovered two common passions that make our work as optometrists fulfilling and rewarding for us.

Our Passion for Making a Difference

Our Passion PlaceholderEvery patient comes into our office with vision needs. Sometimes they come with unique and challenging vision problems. In both circumstances, our work gives us an opportunity to make a difference and help patients.

Dr. Chorel has said in her biography, “My favourite part of my job is the satisfaction I feel when I have been able to help a patient with a problem and they are happy with the outcome”. Dr. Doig has said, “I feel genuinely excited when I can find the best possible eyeglass prescription for a patient, and I enjoy solving interesting and complex problems.

We recognize that our shared occupation as Optometrists provides us with ongoing opportunities to make a difference for others. If you have vision care problems that need to be addressed, we would like to make a difference for you. Please call and book your next eye exam at Doig Optometry.

Our Passion for Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are perhaps the most complex lenses commonly prescribed for patients. So why should we feel so passionately about these complex lenses? Because the more complex challenge of progressive lenses offers the greatest opportunity to make a difference for patients with these complex needs. Our passion for progressive lenses is an extension of our passion for making a difference.

ProgressiveLenses PlaceholderProgressive lenses have advanced dramatically in the time we’ve been practicing optometry. Advances in lens design and in the manufacturing process for progressive lenses have made it possible to be much more accurate and precise with the lenses we prescribe.

Progressive lenses are now highly customizable, giving us the greatest flexibility and opportunity to make a difference for our patients who wear them.

We invite you to read more about modern progressive lens designs here

Being passionate about progressive lenses does not limit our passion for other fields of optometry. The skills and strategies we use to make your progressive lenses work for you are highly transferable to other eyeglass lens designs. Single vision aspheric lenses can now be designed using Free Form technology. Even in contact lenses we have the capacity to make the same level of precise measurement of the shape of the cornea, where the contact lens sits. Yes, that’s correct. There is such a thing as a Free Form Contact lens!

If you are a progressive lens wearer in need of a prescription update, we would love to put our passion for progressive lenses to work for you. If you are simply thinking of a new style or fashion in your eyeglasses or if you are a patient with other needs in eye care or eye wear, we are pleased to tell you, “We do that too.”

Please call us for more information and to book your next eye examination at Doig Optometry.

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