Progressive Lenses


Progressive lenses allow you to read close-up, work on a computer, and see from a distance without needing to change to different prescription glasses. At Doig Optometry, we provide some of the highest quality progressive lenses in Calgary with plenty of stylish glasses to choose from.

Progressive lenses have a gradual change between far, intermediate, and near viewing zones in a single pair of eyeglasses. Unlike standard single-vision eyeglasses that have one prescription, progressive lenses have two, three, or more prescriptions in one pair of glasses.

Which Patients Benefit From Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are the preferred eyeglass lens for most presbyopes. Presbyopia is the age-related loss of near-focusing ability that affects all of us sometime between ages 40 and 50. When this happens, your Optometrist will write a different eyeglass prescription specifically to address the reading problems that come to all presbyopes. Then your Optometrist will present various lens options and help you choose the best solution for your vision requirements.

These options include:

  • A pair of single-vision eyeglasses for reading.
  • If you need glasses to see far, and you now need a different prescription to see near, you may want one pair of single-vision eyeglasses for each. This can work well if you don’t mind switching between the two pairs of eyeglasses.
  • If putting your glasses on and off or switching between two pairs of glasses sounds like a hassle, then bifocals will allow you to leave your glasses on and see both far and near.
  • If the thought of bifocal lines on your glasses sounds unattractive, Progressive Lenses allow you to see both far and near without the distraction of unsightly lines on your glasses.

In summary, Progressive Lenses are a benefit to eyeglass wearers who need their distance, near and intermediate eyeglass prescription available throughout the day without any lines on their glasses.

How to Decide Between Bifocals and Progressive Lenses

While it’s true that no one wants Bifocal Lines on their glasses, sometimes there are reasons to choose Bifocals over Progressive glasses. Although these circumstances make up only a small percentage of patients, if you are facing any of these challenges, you may want to consider Bifocals for your glasses.

  • Patients with neck mobility problems
  • Patients who need the most affordable lens option
  • Patients with difficulty adapting to Progressive Lenses

Since these issues are becoming more and more rare, Progressive Lenses are becoming the first choice for the vast majority of presbyopes because they:

  • Provide patients with sharp vision at a range of distances
  • Provide patients with the best way to have all their focus needs met in one pair of glasses
  • Have no lines, so nobody has to know you are wearing glasses for presbyopia.
  • Don’t have to be taken on and off for different tasks like reading and driving so you can do these tasks “hands-free”. Also, no one will notice you changing between your different glasses.

Today’s Progressive Lenses

Today’s free form Progressive Lenses are designed and manufactured for each progressive lens prescription and are very different from older conventional progressive lenses. Conventional Progressive Lens blanks were pre-made, and the patient got used to the swim and sway that came from the magnification they caused.

Today, we use a completely different manufacturing process that takes advantage of ultra-precise 3-dimensional lathing techniques. This allows us to make an entirely customized lens for each patient.

We no longer use a mould or a form in the fabrication process but instead utilize computers to make calculations and minimize the magnification effects of progressive lenses as much as possible. That’s why these lenses are called “Free Form Lenses”. That’s why today’s Progressive Lenses have far less adaptation issues. That means they are easy to use and easy to get used to.

There has never been a better time to have Progressive Lenses made for your next pair of eyeglasses.

Why choose Doig Optometry for progressive lenses in Calgary?

Progressive lenses are varied and technically advanced. For this reason, you need an optometrist with expertise in lens optics and design and the ability to recommend the progressive lenses that will work best for you. We take the time to understand the variables that contribute to each patient’s unique adaptation experience, and then customize their progressive lenses specifically for their eyes. Not all optometrists take this approach.

If you are a progressive lens wearer in need of a prescription update, we would love to put our passion for progressive lenses to work for you. Book your next eye exam with us at Doig Optometry and let’s get you closer to finding a pair of eyeglasses and lenses that will help you See Sharp, Look Sharp, and Love Your Glasses

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