Silhouette glasses

Despite the very French name, Silhouette was founded in 1964 in Austria. From the very beginning, Silhouette knew they wanted to become the world’s premier brand in fashion-forward glasses, and they’ve been working towards that goal ever since. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s when actress Sylvia Kristel began wearing Silhouettes that the company really began to gain attention. Today, Silhouette has become synonymous with quality and class. From Queen Elizabeth II to Elton John and Lady Gaga, Silhouette glasses are popular with anyone wanting to see sharp and look sharp. Not only that, but their lightness and flexibility make them a perfect match for progressive lenses.

Only the Highest Quality Materials & Manufacturing

Many people have a tendency to see glasses as just glasses. They think all frames are made more or less equal, but that’s just not the case. Silhouette frames have actually been used by NASA since 2002. When you work and live in space, it’s not an exaggeration to say you need eyeglasses that you trust with your life. A loose screw or a broken piece of the frame could lead to a catastrophic injury if it were inhaled, or a fragment of the glasses could be drawn into the coolant system of a spacesuit causing mechanical failure—the list of potential tragedy goes on. Suffice it to say, frames—like lenses—are not made equally everywhere, and Silhouette is always succeeding to stay on top.

Every pair of Silhouette frames is manufactured in Austria to the highest standards of the EU. Silhouette has its own R&D department where they use innovative materials to create the ultra-light frames that push the possibility of strength and durability while simultaneously providing an allergy-safe product. So while Silhouette isn’t the only premium eyewear brand you’ll find in our Calgary optometry clinic, we have to admit they’re one of our favourites.


Finally, Silhouette understands that while your glasses are an incredibly important tool that you need to navigate the world, they should still be beautiful. You wear your glasses every day, and they become an inseparable part of your appearance. Almost every photo you ever have taken will feature your smile and your glasses, so it’s important to have a frame that you think is elegant and professional.


If you’re tired of subpar glasses that are in seemingly in constant need of repairs, or just want a high-quality frame to match your progressive lenses, we invite you to experience some of the best in today’s eyewear. Schedule your appointment with us today, and find out why everyone's talking about Silhouette.

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