Slick Minimalism or Thick Geeky

Did you know the majority of Canadians require help with vision correction? In fact, a whopping 74 percent of us require glasses, and that number is only rising — 5 years ago, it was 72%. With nearly three quarters of the population requiring vision correction, it’s no surprise that glasses have shaken their “Nerd” association and have even become trendy and fashionable. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in eyewear fashion for 2018.

Tortoiseshell, Horn Rimmed Frames. Created with a thick, multi-colour frame on top and a thin, nearly invisible lower frame, these glasses demand attention for your eyes. Over the years, full rim glasses with contrasting tops and bottoms have been gaining a lot of attention. Ideal for day-to-day wear, the tortoiseshell pattern allows them to fit with any neutral outfit, and they’re particularly a good fit with darker fall-winter clothing trends.

Thin Wireframe Glasses. Perhaps made popular by the fans of Harry Potter who are now all grown up and setting the trends for the rest of us, thin wireframe glasses offer a subtle, classy look. They are simple and delicate. They don’t demand attention the way the thick, horn rimmed frames do, and they can be a bit fragile for the avid hiker or soccer fan. Instead, they’re ideal for office work, and they’ve long been a popular look for men — though we offer thin wireframe options for women as well! If you’re an office worker looking to for the perfect glasses for work, ask us about our H.E.L.P. lenses which offer you high energy light protection (H.E.L.P.) by absorbing the high energy blue light emitted by devices such as; T.V’s and computer screens.

Invisible Frames. A new trend that we’re just beginning to see emerge is invisible frames. For the past few years, thicker, geeky glasses have been dominating, and invisible frames are perhaps a rebellious fashion statement against that trend. These sleek, minimalist glasses offer only the bare necessities: a nose piece and the arms. They are extremely light. This makes them a great choice for adults who are new to glasses and find the new weight on their face uncomfortable, and they also offer a look closest to your pre-glasses appearance. The lenses are left unframed, creating an illusion of your glasses simply floating on your face.

One of our favourite brands for invisible frames is Silhouette. These frames are manufactured in Austria, so you can be certain they meet the high standards of the EU and aren’t made with subpar materials. Their frames are manufactured to be allergen free, so individuals with common metal allergies can buy these glasses without worry.

In reality, Silhouette Frames actually offers glasses in all the trendy looks. They have some thicker, geeky frames and frames that are half invisible, but their specialty is in the elegant minimalist look that so many Canadians are starting to love. Silhouette combines ultra-light with ultra-strong, and this brand prides itself on offering the highest level of craftsmanship using innovative materials that they research and create themselves. While Silhouette is hardly the only premium eyewear brand you’ll find at our Calgary optometry clinic, they are one of our favourites.

At Doig Optometry, we strive to offer our patients only the best in eyewear. Your eye health is extremely important to us, and we know that you need your glasses in order to work and enjoy your life. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the highest quality frames available. We want you to leave our Calgary optometry clinic with a pair of glasses you absolutely love, and we know picking premium frames is the way to accomplish that. At Doig Optometry you won’t find fast solutions or have your glasses ready for pickup in just a day. And that’s because we believe in making glasses right — even though that takes a little more time.

Tired of subpar glasses that constantly need tweaking and just don’t work perfectly? We invite you to see sharp and look sharp at Doig Optometry. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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