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Progressive Lens Wearers Experience Common Problems

If you need progressive lenses, you have one prescription at the top of your glasses and a different prescription at the bottom. This difference is what allows us to see well at both far and near distances, but it’s also the cause of a common set of problems among progressive lens wearers. “Swim” and “Sway” are two common words patients use to describe the funny way their progressive lenses make the world look when they move about.  

What Causes These “Swim and Sway” Problems?

It’s all about magnification. Specifically, “Swim and Sway” are the result of differences in magnification as the eyes move from one area of the eyeglasses to another. These differences in magnification are even more problematic if your prescription is different from one eye to the other.

How Can We Eliminate “Swim and Sway”?

Hi, I’m Doctor Doig and I’m passionate about progressive lenses. I consider ten variables after we determine your prescription. Each of these ten variables can have a positive or a negative impact on your progressive lens experience. It’s my job to thoroughly understand each of these ten variables. From there, I can design a progressive lens that’s customized for your eyes, so your progressive lenses just work. With minimal or even no experience of “Swim or Sway”, you’ll be able to wear them with no frustrating adaptation period.  

If you need progressive lenses, I’d love to help you make your next pair of progressive eyeglasses the best they can be. If you’d like to talk about progressive lenses and what they can do for you, contact me at 403-333-3353 and

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