Silhouette glasses

Despite the very French name, Silhouette was founded in 1964 in Austria. From the very beginning, Silhouette knew they wanted to become the world’s premier brand in fashion-forward glasses, and they’ve been working towards that goal ever since. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s when actress Sylvia Kristel began wearing Silhouettes that the company really […]

Decot Hy-Wyd Glasses

At Doig Optometry, we have the privilege of helping Canadians find the right pair of hunting and shooting glasses. While most markspeople know that hearing protection is a necessity when going shooting, fewer are aware of just how important protective eyewear is as well. That’s why Doig Optometry is your go-to provider for Decot Sports […]

Urgent Eye Care in Calgary

It can be difficult for patients experiencing sudden or alarming changes in vision to decide whether or not they need to see their eye doctor immediately.

Medical Eye Exams

Optometrists in Alberta, including Dr. Chorel and Dr. Doig, are trained and qualified to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye that do not require surgery.

Prescription Safety & Sport Glasses

Doig Optometry is a participant in the Alberta Association of Optometrists EyeSafe occupational eye wear program. We provide CSA approved safety eye wear to patients with all levels of safety requirements.

Prescription Sunglasses in Calgary

With increasing concerns about exposure to elevated levels of ultraviolet radiation, we should all consider some form of sun protection.

Contact Lenses in Calgary

Doig Optometry provides patients with all major brands of Soft, Rigid and Specialty Contact Lenses. Contact Doig Optometry in Calgary today to book your comprehensive eye exam! 403-333-3353

Progressive Lenses

The first progressive lenses were made by putting the patient’s near prescription on the front of the lens and the patient's distance prescription on the back of the lens. Today lenses are even more advanced.

Eyeglasses in Calgary

At Doig Optometry we prescribe, manufacture and dispense all types of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses are made up of two important pieces - the Lenses and the Frames.

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