Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

Congratulations on your transition to progressive lenses! You have made a choice that will help your own comfort and vision. If it doesn’t feel like an easy switch right away, don’t worry. It takes time for many people to get used to progressive lenses. This blog will tell you about some of the tricks you can use to get a better gaze from your new lenses.

Nose Trick for Farsightedness:

This is a good trick to have on hand to know whether or not your lenses are working properly for your eyesight. It’s a test for your near vision (farsightedness) so start by grabbing something to read, then point your nose in the direction of the text you want to read. Finally, while keeping your head level, slowly lower the text down. You can stop whenever the text comes into focus - you should be gazing out of a lower portion of your glasses. Keep in mind the bottom left and right edges of your glasses may have a soft focus or blur to them, so ensure you are looking squarely through the middle-bottom. If you try this method and you still seem to be having vision problems, it might mean that your lenses aren’t quite right, and you should visit your optometrist.

Tilt Forward Trick:

If you’re having problems with your far-away vision (nearsightedness), progressive lenses will provide the best assistance the further up the frame you gaze through. To test for the accuracy of this, pick a point to fix your gaze at on the other side of a room. While staring straight ahead, tilt your head slightly forward, so you are peering through the highest point in the frame. Far away objects should be the most visible here. If not, it could indicate a problem with your prescription.

Professional Consultation:

If you’re thinking of inheriting glasses, or getting what claim to be progressive glasses from an online retailer, you’re getting yourself into trouble. Unnecessary head or eye strain can be caused by ill-fitting glasses, and your optician will know to not only find the right prescription for your vision, but to position it in such a way that promotes comfort and ease.

We hope these tips ease your transition to progressive lenses. As always, if you are having difficulty with your eyesight, give us a call at (403)-333-3353 to arrange an appointment

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