Choosing the Right Frames to Improve Eye Health in Children

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children, especially their health and well-being. As children develop, eye health is crucial for their ability to interact with the world around them, learn, and grow. If they need glasses to correct their vision, choosing the right frames is key for them to enjoy and continue wearing them. Nano Vista eyeglasses in Calgary are the perfect example of a great frame choice for kids.

The Importance of Proper Eyewear for Kids

Children are naturally active and curious, meaning their eyeglasses must withstand a lot of wear and tear. Poorly fitted or fragile frames can be a source of discomfort and a hindrance in their daily activities. The right eyeglasses can significantly impact your child’s visual development and overall eye health.

How to Choose the Right Frames


When choosing the right frames for your child, the frame should fit just right. It should not be too big, too small, or impede their movements. While the size and shape will vary for each child, the frames should not press into their cheeks or cause discomfort. Frames should not sit higher than the eyebrows or broader than the face. Finding frames that fit properly will allow your child to be unbothered by them, making it easier for them to keep wearing them.


Children always run, play, and explore, so glasses must be durable. It’s disappointing to pay for new glasses and have them end up broken because of your child’s regular routine. Choosing a material that is comfortable, lightweight, and durable is critical.

Nose Bridge and Temples

While choosing the right fit is essential, paying close attention to the nose bridge and the temples is necessary to ensure your child’s frames are comfortable. They should fit snugly but should not cause pressure. Especially if you have an active or younger child, the nose bridge should have a large contact area, as their bridge is not well-defined yet. Frames like Nano Vista, that spread the weight of the frame and lenses evenly across the bridge of the nose, will always be more comfortable than frames that don’t.

Why Nano Vista Kids Eyeglasses?

Nano Vista, available at Doig Optometry in Calgary, offers a range of eyeglasses designed specifically for children. These frames are made with Siliflex™ and built to be durable, which is ideal for the active lifestyle of most kids. They are made with innovative, flexible, and durable materials, ensuring that the eyeglasses can keep up with your child’s every move. Nano Vista frames have a well-deserved reputation in the optical industry as the most flexible and durable frames for children.

Style Meets Functionality

We understand that children can be picky about their appearance, and eyeglasses are no exception. Nano Vista frames come in various styles and colours, making them appealing to children of all ages. These frames are not just practical but also fashionable, with styles and sizes suitable for children from age 2 and up. There are even styles and fashions in sizes for adults, making it easier to find durable, flexible frames for adults with disabilities or developmental delays.


Nano Vista frames are made with hypoallergenic materials and are comfortable to wear, especially on the nose bridge. The soft rubber bridge means your child will have little to no discomfort after wearing their glasses all day. They can also come with a headband or mini strap to ensure they stay put.

Doig Optometrist Calgary: Your Partner in Eye Health

At Doig Optometry, our experienced optometrists in Calgary are committed to providing your children with the best eye care services. We understand the unique needs of young eyes and are here to guide you in choosing the perfect Nano Vista eyeglasses for your child.

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Good vision is critical to your child’s physical, cognitive, and social development. It’s never too early to pay attention to their eye health. Whether it’s their first pair of glasses or a stylish upgrade, we invite you to visit Doig Optometry to explore our range of Nano Vista kid’s eyeglasses. Book an appointment with us today and take the first step towards ensuring your child’s optimal eye health and vision.

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