Happy New Years From Doig Optometry!

So 2017 has gone, and 2018 arrived. Like most Canadians, I like to view the New Year as an opportunity to look forward to everything I want to achieve, but also as a time to look back to what I’ve already accomplished and learned. This New Year had me thinking quite a bit further back than usual. All the way back to when I was a child.

When I was young, my parents would take me to church every Sunday. We didn’t have a lot, but each of us children had one set of clothing that was our, “Sunday Best.” And starting from the age of 12, I remember that my Sunday outfit always included a tidy suit, a proper tie, and special, Sunday shoes. Whenever there was an important event in the family — weddings, funerals, baby blessings — I wore that suit. Every Christmas, when our family curled up cozy in my Grandparents’ home, the snow would swirl and dance in shining gusts as the wind rattled at the windows, but the chill never seemed to get in, and I wore that suit. Regardless of the event, my parents would let us know it was time to get ready to leave in two words, “Sunday Best.” It was the clothes we wore and a reminder of how we should behave wrapped into half a sentence.

I’m tall and slender in my proportions, and I have one leg longer than the other. It’s impossible for me to find a suit that fits well, “off the rack.”  Every suit I wear is altered in some way, and I have a few tailored suits that I truly love. They fit so well, and they’re actually comfortable to wear, and I can move well in them, which is especially important when I’m ballroom dancing.  On top of all that, since they fit well, and since I got to choose the exact fabric, they look great, and I feel confident!

Progressive lenses are very much like a tailored suit, or if you don’t wear suits, like a tailored dress. There are so many measurements needed to create a well fitting garment, and similarly, after the prescription, there are 10 other things we consider before making a pair of progressive lenses for our patients. Like the tailored suits that fit me perfectly, progressive lenses really are custom vision care products uniquely designed for each patient, to give them clear, comfortable, and natural vision. Our progressive lenses aren’t off the shelf, so they’ll take a bit more time, but I can confidently say that I believe in making glasses perfectly not quickly.

When you schedule an appointment at Doig Optometry, you’ll see that I wear a suit to work every day. I wear a suit because when I dress my best, it reminds me to bring my best, to be my best, and to do my best for my patients. Doig Optometry’s Patient Care Priority® is about caring enough to do your very best for each patient, and somehow, dressing my best helps me stay in that mindset. When I was young, I wore my suit for every important event in my life, and the simple fact of the matter is your eye exam is the most important event in my day.

So I wear my suit.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year,

Dr. Doig

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