Pantoscopic Tilt and the Panoramic Angle explained

Every pair of glasses are different - that's what we love about them! Your frame’s unique look expresses your personality, and your glasses should be your favourite thing to wear. They shouldn’t become a strain throughout the day or irritate any part of your face. The difference between a comfortable pair of glasses and bothersome ones that bring headaches is the quality of the frames. Here are some distinct factors that will help you decide on the right frames.

What is pantoscopic tilt?

Pantoscopic tilt is a measurement we take that analyses the angle from the bottom of your glasses (at the cheek) to the top of the frame. Some glasses have flat frames, but most will tilt slightly, so the top portion of your glasses is slightly further from your face than the bottom. In fact, for progressive lenses, a slight tilt can assist your vision by contributing to the right kind of magnification effect.

What is the panoramic angle?

Panoramic angle is the extent to which your glasses curve from the centre (nearest your nose) to the edge. It is more common to see a drastic panoramic angle on sunglasses than it is for reading or distance glasses. The reason so many sunglasses have a panoramic shape is that the curved edges don’t block peripheral vision and are therefore better for physical activities. Wrapped frames will have a different panoramic angle than flat frames, which is why many people choose them.

How to choose the right frames

First, consider how your lifestyle may affect your visual demands, and bring that information to your next appointment. At Doig Optometry, we have this conversation with every patient that walks through our doors - that's what makes our services different. We want to find the best lenses for your lifestyle, and sometimes that means taking additional measurements to create a pair of glasses that allow you to be as active as someone with perfect vision. Even our progressive lenses can be created with any kind of pantoscopic tilt or panoramic angle in mind.

Final thoughts

The type of glasses you wear shouldn't affect your lifestyle, your lifestyle should be the deciding factor on the type of glasses you need. Visit our Calgary optometry clinic where Dr. Doig and our team will ensure that you leave with a pair of glasses that makes you see and look sharp through work and play.


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