Prescription Sunglasses purchasing process

As a Calgarian, you probably know how quickly the weather changes and how to adapt to the wind, rain, and snow. But did you know that Calgary is also one of the sunniest cities in Canada? In one year, Calgary gets approximately 2396 hours of sunlight. That’s 333 sunny days a year of adjusting and readjusting the sun visor in your car for shade as you battle Calgary rush hour traffic and fumble with an old pair of shades that just won’t sit right over the top of your glasses. Unless you have prescription sunglasses, that is. And we do at Doig Optometry. Here’s how to get some.

Step 1: See Doctor Doig for a thorough eye exam

Mention that you want to get prescription sunglasses at your next eye exam with Dr. Doig. Single vision eyeglass prescriptions are sometimes optimized for near tasks like using the computer and reading. Sometimes single vision lenses are optimized for distance tasks like driving. That’s why eye care providers talk about Single Vision Distance lenses and Single Vision Reading lenses.

The above is an important point of discussion when we determine your prescription, especially if you wear progressive lenses or bifocals. Occasionally, a progressive lens prescription is modified to emphasize distance vision in your sunglasses, if you will use them mostly for driving in the southern Alberta sunshine. If you plan to read a good book while sitting in the shade of a palm tree, or under a palapa umbrella, your prescription sunglasses should include the best reading prescription for that task.

Step Two: Choose your lenses

No matter whether you need single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, at Doig Optometry, you can choose good lenses, better lenses, or the very best lenses for your prescription within the limits of your insurance plan or budget. How? Dr. Doig will recommend the optimal lens design for your prescription in each category (Good, Better, or Best).

Premium lenses are the most customized to your eyes with the most perfect optics in the lens. They give us the most flexibility in design, so we can create the exact prescription Dr. Doig designs for your sunglasses at your eye exam. Our job is to help you know which options you really need without exceeding your budget.

Step Three: Choose your frame

This step is an easy one. If the frame fits well and it looks sharp, then it’s yours. Feel free to stop by our office any time to try on a wide selection of frames and sunglasses handpicked for their affordability, durability, or high-end fashion attributes. See a list of brands we carry below. However, certain prescriptions can be problematic in certain frames. Our job is to make sure your prescription will work in your new prescription sunglasses frames, so don’t worry. We have frames suitable for even the most complex prescription sunglasses.

Step Four: Choose your coatings and treatments

Prescription sunglasses can be made with fashion tints, polarized lenses, or transition lenses. These are available in different colours, usually grey, brown, or green. Other fun colours are also available. The reason this step is last is so that you can choose a sunglass lens colour that complements your sunglass frame colour. All prescription sunglasses at Doig Optometry are UV blocking. To learn the difference between these 100% UV blocking and Polarized sunglasses, click here.

Additionally, your lens coating protects your lenses from scratches, smudges, dust, and water droplets, all while protecting your eyes from harmful Ultra Violet Radiation in the sunshine. To learn the difference between Polarized lenses and Anti-Reflective coatings click here.

At Doig Optometry, one comment we frequently hear from patients who’ve just purchased their first set of prescription sunglasses, is “I love them so much… I can’t believe I haven’t got prescription sunglasses sooner.” We want you to love your prescription sunglasses too. Call today and book an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Doig, and tell the staff that you would like to get some prescription sunglasses. We will make sure they work optimally for you.

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