Visual Comfort in Progressive Lenses

Our eyes like to be comfortably relaxed. Just as you can strain a leg muscle from running too far or too fast, eyes that are constantly working become stressed and strained. Unfortunately for Calgarians who wear glasses, there’s no simple way to take just take it easy on your eyes if your glasses’ prescription or fit is what’s causing your eye strain. That’s why it’s so important to work with an expert Calgary optometrist instead of just ordering glasses from the internet. For more complicated glasses, like bifocals or progressives, this is doubly true.

When you put on a pair of progressive eyeglasses made at Doig Optometry, you can rest assured that our friendly eye doctors and staff have done everything possible to ensure that your vision is perfect  and that your eyes are relaxed and comfortable when you wear your new glasses. Since progressive lenses have one prescription in the upper portion of the eyeglasses and a different prescription in the lower portion of the eyeglasses, Dr. Doig or Dr. Chorel will have to customize your progressive lenses so that your eyes are comfortable. Whether you’re looking at the Rockies off in the distance or browsing the internet on your phone, we create glasses you can depend on.  

It’s all about Managing Magnification

Specifically, it’s about the differences in magnification between the top and the bottom of your progressive lenses. If your eyes can smoothly move from top to bottom or from left to right  without experiencing a jarring change in magnification, then your eyes will feel completely comfortable in your progressive lenses. Not including your prescription, there are ten different factors that can cause uncomfortable differences in magnification between the top and the bottom of your progressive lenses. Understanding these factors and knowing what to do about them is how the eye doctors and staff at Doig Optometry make your progressive lenses sharp, clear, and comfortable to wear.  

How to Achieve Comfort in your next Progressive Eyeglasses

Many Calgarians have progressive glasses that aren’t perfectly fitted for them. This can lead to them believing that sore eyes and headaches are just a part of living with progressives eyeglasses. But that is not the case. Everyone deserves to see clearly without unwanted side effects, and our Calgary optometrists can help. If your eyes feel sore, achy, or tired, or if you experience headaches when you wear your progressive lenses, please call Doig Optometry to schedule a complete eye exam. Dr. Doig or and Dr. Chorel will do specific tests to determine what eyeglass prescription will make your eyes the most comfortable. They’ll explain which  progressive lens brand works best with your unique prescription, and they’ll work with the staff at Doig Optometry to help you find a fashion forward frame that will make your progressive eyeglasses work as comfortably as possible. Finally, they’ll measure the ten things that need to be considered in order for your prescription, your frame, and your progressive lenses to work together, so when you take your new glasses home you can see sharp, look sharp, and feel comfortable.

What if you can’t replace your Progressive Eyeglasses just now?

At Doig Optometry, we understand that many Calgarians simply can’t afford to replace their uncomfortable glasses. We want you to know that we really believe that everyone has a right to sight, and that we still want to try and make your situation a little better with a comfort specific frame adjustment. Often, there are adjustments we can make to the way your frame fits that will minimize the magnification differences that cause almost all of the visual discomfort in progressive lenses. While you’re here, we can tell you about our progressive frame and lens packages, which include frames, lenses, coatings, cleaning cloth, spray cleaner, and a protective case, all made with the same care and attention Dr. Doig and Dr. Chorel give to every new pair of progressive lenses. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a new pair of progressive eyeglasses can be.

At Doig Optometry, it is our privilege to help Calgarians to see their world clearly and comfortably. Putting on and using your progressive eyeglasses each morning should be as natural as opening your eyes. Let us help.

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