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Summer Sunglasses

Summer Sunglasses - Doig Optometry - Optometrists Calgary
When it comes to protection from the sun, your eyes are at just as much risk as your skin, which is why finding a comfortable, reliable pair of sunglasses is so important. With our help, you’ll find them, and look great too!

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Progressive vs. Bifocals

Progressive vs. Bifocals - Doig Optometry - Progressive Lenses in Calgary

When your vision requires a prescription that aids near-sighted and far-sightedness, your optometrist will give you the option of progressive (sometimes called ‘no-line bifocals’) or bifocal lenses. But what are some differences between bifocals and progressives?

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Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

Adjusting to Progressive Lenses - Doig Optometry - Optometrists Calgary

Congratulations on your transition to progressive lenses! You have made a choice that will help your own comfort and vision. If it doesn’t feel like an easy switch right away, don’t worry. It takes time for many people to get used to progressive lenses. This blog will tell you about some of the tricks you can use to get a better gaze from your new lenses.

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