I am Nearsighted. What does that mean?

Nearsighted people see near. They see near things better than they see far things. In fact, nearsighted patients have an advantage in seeing near things that other patients don't have. At a certain, near distance, nearsighted patients actually see close things more easily than other patients! The nearsighted patient's eyes are more relaxed and small objects are somewhat magnified for them at their best near vision distance. Unfortunately, nearsighted patients only have these advantages because their eyes are slightly stronger in focus than they should be, making their vision blurry at longer distances.

Since nearsighted patients have eyes that are stronger than they should be, the Optometrist will prescribe "minus" lenses to subtract power. Then, when the patient looks through their lenses, they see distant objects clearly and use the normal, usual amount of focusing effort to see near tasks. Of course, some nearsighted patients prefer to take their glasses off for near tasks and have their eyes be more relaxed. When they're doing far and near tasks at the same time, most nearsighted patients just leave their eyeglasses on for convenience.

The medical name for nearsightedness is "myopia".

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