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doig sunglassesFor this reason, patients who wear their eyeglasses on a full time basis should always have UV blocking coatings on their lenses. In instances when an actual pair of sunglasses is preferred, Doig Optometry has several options for our patients.

For patients who do not wear eyeglasses on a full time basis, we have a selection of non-prescription sunglasses to choose from, for fashion and for sports.

For patients who need their prescription incorporated into their sunglasses, prescription sunglasses can be made in photochromic materials that lighten inside and darken outside.  For patient who prefer a dedicated pair of prescription sunglasses, any pair of prescription glasses can be made using a sunglass lens. 

Sunglass lenses can be made with a fashionable tint in a variety of shades and colours.  They can be made with polarized lenses that block light reflecting off water, snow, cars or other surfaces.  They can be made with mirrored tints in a variety of colours also.  Whatever option you choose, Doig Optometry will make sure your sunglass lenses protect you from harmful UV rays while complimenting your personal style. 

Please call our office or visit us if you have questions regarding any of these sunglass options.  If you need a pair of sunglasses, please mention this at your next eye exam at Doig Optometry.