A Thorough Eye Exam

Think about all the questions you have, and all the answers you hope to get from your next eye exam.  How thorough should your next eye exam be in order to give you all the information and answers you need? At Calgary’s Doig Optometry, we’ve coined the phrase “Patient Care Priority®” to articulate our commitment to the standards we have set for ourselves relating to our patient care. One of our standards is to provide comprehensive eye exams to our patients. But what makes an eye exam completely thorough?


Doig Optometry is equipped with many modern and traditional technologies used to accurately diagnose each patient’s eye health, coordination, and focus. Each piece of technology accomplishes something different and provides specific information about your eyes. The Calgary eye doctors and staff at Doig Optometry lead you through every test, meticulously gather data, interpret it, and make informed, evidence-driven decisions to find the best solution for your eyes.

The field of optometry, like all of medicine, has evolved immensely over the last few decades. In just the past couple of years, advances in diagnostic testing have come about faster than ever. Many of the technologies you’ll find at Doig Optometry are new and invaluable. We’re often early adopters of the newest tech, and we believe in investing in these tools because they give a treasure trove of diagnostic information to our Calgary optometrists, so much so that we can’t imagine how we got along without them in the past. The Doctors and staff at Doig Optometry are trained in Fundus Photography, Optical Coherence Tomography, Corneal Topography, Lensometry, and a whole lot more. The list of technologies could go on and on, and if you’re interested, we’d love to answer any questions you have about the tests we do and equipment we have.


Having all the technologies available is one thing, but performing the right tests on the right patient, at the right time, so we find the right answer…is something else entirely.  Eye exams can seem repetitive, like they are all the same series of choices between “lens one or two,” “lens three or four?” But there’s a balance between routine and innovation that we try to achieve at Doig Optometry. Those same routine tests are used for every patient because we know that’s the best way to find the most accurate prescription, but we step out of that routine whenever there’s something that needs more investigation before we can make complete sense of it.  

One of our core philosophies at Doig Optometry is,

“If you haven’t found the answer to the patient’s problem, it’s because you haven’t done the right test yet, so keep testing!”

It’s during these more challenging cases that having the necessary modern technologies available is so worthwhile. If you would like to ensure that your next eye exam is thorough enough to answer all the questions you have about your eyes, we invite you to call Doig Optometry for your next appointment. Our keen, friendly Calgary optometrists enjoy taking extra time with each patient to answer all their questions and to guide them through every process. Let us put all our vision care technologies to work for you.  

Caring and Time

At Doig Optometry, our Patient Care Priority® guides us as we make sure your eyes are healthy, well coordinated, and that your glasses and contact lenses work perfectly for you. That’s why our eye exams take a little longer than you may be used to. When you book your next eye exam at Doig Optometry, we’ll ask that you set aside about an hour for your examination. This will allow us time to explain the purpose of the tests, help you understand the questions we ask along the way, and of course, explain the results to you.  

Dr. Russell Doig has been practicing Optometry since 1996, and Dr. Shauna Chorel has been practicing Optometry since 1995. In all those years, we’ve learned that faster in not the same as better, especially when we are making something as personal as your next set of glasses. Making them right is much more important to us than making them fast!  

Doig Optometry is located in Suite 102, 8180 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, Alberta. You can also find us on the internet at www.doigoptometry.com. Call Doig Optometry at 403-333-3353 for your next eye exam, and for your next pair of glasses.

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