Choosing the Best Progressive Lenses for You

Did you know there are over 100 Free Form Progressive Lens Brands on the market in Calgary?  At Doig Optometry, it’s our job to recommend the brands that work best for your prescription, for your everyday tasks, and for your lifestyle needs. Knowing which Progressive Lens brands will work best requires learning: 1. what you do with your eyes, 2. what the various Progressive Lens Brands can do for you, and 3. deciding which choice of Progressive Lens is the best match given 1 & 2.  

Since Doig Optometry opened in October 2016, we’ve met many patients who were searching to find a Progressive Lens Brand that’s well suited to their visual demands and lifestyle needs.  The most common source of their difficulty was, “off the shelf” thinking or, “cookie cutter” design. The reality is that everybody has unique visual demands, and not every Progressive Lens design will be a good match for every patient.  

Good Progressive Lenses offer one or two, or even several design options that allow us to vary the design of the progressive lens up to a point. These are usually Progressive Lenses designed to give generally good vision for a variety of uses. They are good progressive lenses, but they have some limitations. For example, the viewing zone for intermediate things like the computer can be a bit tricky to find.  

Better Progressive Lenses consider the fact that our world now runs on digital devices. We need our intermediate vision to be usable and useful. Instead of devoting a tiny bit of your lenses to gazing off at the rocky mountains and a tiny bit of your lenses for staring at your computer, and equal amounts of lens to everything in between better progressive lenses will progress quickly past the less helpful prescriptions. This means that they can devote a larger area to a bigger viewing zone for the computer, and they can even include another viewing zone emphasizing handheld devices. These better progressive lens designs can be very useful to patients whose computer screen is at the same distance and height as the average desktop computer user and for patients who hold their cell phones at an average distance and down gaze angle. If you use multiple screens or devices, or if you know you fall outside the average for some other reason, you may need a more customized design.

The very best Progressive Lenses allow the optometrists at Doig Optometry to customize the progressive lens viewing zones for the patient. Rather than hoping the standard lens design will match the patient’s visual demands “well enough,” the best progressive lens designs allow the eye doctors and staff at Doig Optometry to assess your unique working distance and down gaze angle for hand held devices, tablets, laptop computers, and desktop computers, and then we design a progressive lens with viewing zones that match your visual demands perfectly.

The doctors at Doig Optometry will recommend good and better lenses that can work for you, and help you understand the limitations you can expect to experience when you choose these designs. We will also recommend the more customized progressive lens designs as needed in order to ensure you are aware of the very best options for your next pair of progressive glasses.  Once we’ve narrowed down the field, from hundreds of brands, to the six or so that will work well for you, we can help you choose the Progressive Lenses that both honour your budget and respect the limits of your insurance plan. Schedule an appointment with Doig Optometry today to get started!

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