BioTrue Contact Lenses: The Benefits of Single-use Contact Lenses

For comfort and convenience, single-use contact lenses are an excellent option for those who need corrective lenses. With the many benefits of single-use contact lenses, it’s not surprising that more people are choosing them.

The Benefits of Single-use Lenses

They are healthier for your eyes

First and foremost, single-use contact lenses are healthier for your eyes. When you replace your contact lenses daily, you do not have to worry about reinserting contact lenses with lipid, protein or mucus deposits from the day before.

While it’s true that contact lens cleaning and care systems can disinfect contact lenses so you are not reinserting bacteria or other microbes, protein, lipids, and mucus will eventually adhere to the surface of any contact lens. That’s why monthly and bi-weekly replacement soft contact lenses have replaced quarterly or yearly replacement soft contact lenses. Nothing is better than daily replacement, though.

They are very convenient

Single-use contact lenses are much more convenient. There is no need for solutions, cases or care systems. Simply open a new pair of contact lenses daily and recycle them at the end of the day. There is no need to wonder how long your contact lenses have been sitting in their solution.

If you are an occasional contact lens wearer, simply open a new set when you need them for sports or other activities. They are safe on the shelf, in their blister packs, waiting for the next time you need them, up to the expiry date. Single-use contact lenses have a convenient expiration date, usually 18 to 36 months after purchase. You can purchase smaller or larger batches depending on how often you wear them.

Perfect for Calgary’s Dry Climate

Calgary’s climate is quite dry. Our weather can create comfort problems for contact lens wearers. One of the best strategies for managing contact lens-related dryness is using contact lenses that retain moisture. The affinity (also known as the water content) of a contact lens is a measure of how well a contact lens retains moisture and holds water. In fact, the ability to hold on to water is what makes a hydrophilic contact lens soft. Hydrophilic means “water-loving,” some hydrophilic soft contact lenses hold water better than others. When you want to compare this property among competing brands of contact lenses, look for a water content measure of at least 42. 55% water content will do even better and help you get more hours of contact lens comfort.

BioTrue One Day contact lenses have a water content of 78%, making them among the most comfortable in our dry Southern Alberta climate.

Premium Quality BioTrue Lenses

BioTrue One Day Contact Lenses are available for nearsighted and farsighted patients and patients with astigmatism. BioTrue One Day Multifocal Contact Lenses are also available to allow patients with presbyopia to continue wearing contact lenses without additional reading glasses.

BioTrue One Day Contact Lenses are UV blocking to help protect your eyes from harmful UV light. Remember, you still need to wear UV-blocking sunglasses since your contact lenses cannot protect the skin of the eyelid or the rest of the surface of your eye from UV light exposure. Patients who purchase a year’s supply of Contact Lenses From Doig Optometry receive a 30% discount on one pair of non-prescription UV-blocking sunglasses from Doig Optometry.

“Every Contact Counts”

Contact lenses are too small to recycle in your Blue Bin. Still, BioTrue One Day Contact Lenses can be recycled thanks to Doig Optometry’s partnership with Bausch and Lomb’s ‘Every Contact Counts’ recycling program. When you purchase Bausch and Lomb Contact lenses from Doig Optometry, you’ll receive a bag to collect your contact lenses, the blister pack, and the foil wrap.
The cardboard packaging can be conveniently recycled in Calgary’s Blue Bin. When your bag of used contact lenses is full, just bring it back to Doig Optometry, and we’ll take care of the rest. Hurray!

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