Why Eye Health Matters: The Benefits of Quality Prescription Glasses for Kids

Parents, guardians and caregivers must pay close attention to https://doigoptometry.com/uncategorized/why-eye-health-m…glasses-for-kids/eye health as children grow. Sometimes, it can go unnoticed that children are struggling with their vision and eye health, and they may need to visit the optometrist. Among all the other health indicators we monitor, eye health plays a critical role in overall health and well-being. Quality eyeglasses for kids can help with common vision problems in children.

Early Development Eye Health

Clear vision with both eyes working well together is essential to your child’s ability to learn, play sports, and interact with the world. Vision problems can happen at any time, and your child may not know or be able to verbalize that they are having trouble with their vision. Early detection of vision or eye health issues is essential to preventing long-term consequences and helping your child reach their full potential. Often, the simplest and most effective solution to a vision issue is an accurate prescription for eyeglasses.

Common Vision Problems in Children

Children may face various vision problems, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, strabismus, amblyopia, or one of many possible eye health conditions.
Strabismus is when the two eyes do not look at the same thing at the same time. This can affect more than just clarity of vision. In young children, strabismus can negatively affect the development of depth perception and visual acuity (sharpness of vision). It can cause poor ocular comfort, headaches, eye strain, and even affect mood and social interactions.
Amblyopia is when one eye does not see 20/20, even with prescription eyewear and without an ocular health issue. This can be caused by strabismus or a significant difference in eyeglass prescription between the two eyes. Early detection and correction of the causative factors can help resolve the amblyopia, but delayed detection can lead to a permanent visual deficit in the amblyopic eye.

Benefits of Quality Prescription Glasses

The benefits of prescription glasses are endless for children who require vision correction. Not only can clear vision improve their concentration and comprehension in school, leading to better academic performance, but it can also reduce the strain on the eyes when children struggle to see properly. Children with corrected vision find it easier to interact and engage in activities with their friends, and you may notice improvements in their confidence.

Why Choose Quality Frames Like Nano Vista for Kids?

NanoVista Kids frames, available at Doig Optometry in Calgary, are designed with children in mind. They offer durability, comfort, and style - essential features for active and growing kids.
They are the leader in children’s eyewear because they are designed with highly durable, child-safe materials. Children can be adventurous, and standard glasses often end up in pieces, which can be expensive to replace. NanoVista frames were created with this in mind, so you don’t have to worry about being too cautious. They also come in various styles, so your child can find a pair they love that suits them.

Book Your Child’s Appointment Today

Investing in NanoVista frames for your child makes sense. They not only provide your child with proper vision correction so they can grow and learn without restriction, but because of their design, they are less likely to break with the normal wear and tear that children put eyeglass frames through. At Doig Optometry, we understand the importance of eye health in children and are committed to providing the best solutions for your little one’s vision needs. If your child needs prescription glasses in Calgary, schedule an appointment today to explore our range of NanoVista eyewear.

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