Bring Your Phone To Your Appointment

Yeah, you heard us right! We want you to bring your phone into your next Doig Optometry appointment. Why? Because phones are a large part of most people's lives, and we read from them more than we read from paper these days. How you look at your phone can give your optometrist plenty of insight into your vision requirements, and here's why.

How We Hold Phones determines where our near focus will be. Do you hold your phone up, or down low? It’s a difference in down gaze angle and it affects how your glasses work. But first, what is down gaze angle?

Down Gaze Angle is a measure of how much you look down when you participate in a near vision task.  Most of our near sight activities occur in the lower window of our vision, whereas our distance vision is likely to occur in the upper 50% of our vision window. This is a biological factor that all of us, as humans, have.

Studies Determine we hold our phones in three different hand positions roughly all at the same posture. 49% of us will hold our phones with one hand, tapping with our thumb. 36% of us prefer to cradle our phone with one hand and tap digits with the other hand’s finger. Finally, 15% of us will hold our phone with both hands using two thumbs to navigate. The commonality between all of these types of phone holders, however, is that we all hold our phones at an angle from which our elbow meets a resting place at the top of our hip.

This may have been a bit spooky if you were holding your phone to read our article. Were you indeed part of the common 49% or the slim 15%? It’s nice to be self aware of the habits we do on an hourly basis, so if your eyes feel tired or strained or if you have any difficulty seeing the print on your phone, call for an appointment at our Calgary location: 403-333-3353

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