Far and Near Vision: Switching to Progressive Lenses

Doig Optometry is calling all bifocal users in Calgary to come to us to experience the switch to progressive lenses. Progressive lenses can now remedy magnification issues that may have kept you from switching out of your bifocal lenses. Plus, progressive lenses just look better!

Progressive Lenses — These are a fantastic alternative to bifocal lenses as they have no visible line between lens windows. Traditional bifocal lenses can be a nuisance when they cause a jump between near and far sight, and they aren't preferred aesthetically. Improving both your vision and your image, progressive lenses cater to patients with near and far vision issues.

Magnification Effects — For the average glasses wearer, magnification effects aren’t a point of concern. They’ll only look through one prescription window at any given moment, so the “magnification jump” that bifocal wearers experience isn't an issue. However, patients with near and far vision issues require multiple windows with multiple prescriptions. We consider the jump between the different prescriptions when crafting progressive lenses, because that’s how we minimize the magnification effects and make your progressive lenses easier to get used to.

Of course, each pair must be specially crafted for the patient. At Doig Optometry, we consider many factors besides magnification effects, including working distance, down gaze angle, near point inset, inter-pupillary distance, and at least four other important factors when we design your progressive lenses.

Is that too much technical jargon? Don’t worry, all you need to do is book your first appointment with Doig Optometry today, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call 403-333-3353.

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