Considering Contacts

When your loved ones keep asking “Why don’t you just get contacts?”, many glasses-wearers will have their comeback ready. Many believe that contacts are uncomfortable or unsafe, but these modern myths are about to get busted...

Myth-busting 101: Once upon a time, what we now call “hard contact lenses” were all that the optometry market had to offer. They were revolutionary at the time, but the materials used limited the amount of oxygen required for healthy eyes. This could make contacts feel dry and uncomfortable. But now, with years of innovation, contacts are more comfortable than ever before, and new materials help our eyes get the oxygen they need. If you haven’t tried contacts recently, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Glasses Keep Getting in the Way: Contacts are also great if you’ve recently become more active. If you have a new fitness routine, enjoy going out dancing with a partner, or love to get outdoors and enjoy the breathtaking sights that Alberta has to offer, you’re missing out on the possibilities that contacts can provide. Contacts are great for active lifestyles because you don’t have to worry about all the issues that come with glasses, such as:

Fogging Up, Falling Off, and Getting Wet. These are all sorts of things glasses wearers have to worry about. There’s nothing worse than going for a walk, run, or bike ride, and having to stop to wipe rain droplets from your glasses. With contacts, you can be as active and outdoorsy as you like. They’re also easier to pair with a good pair of UV protection sunglasses.

So get outside and enjoy the rest of summer while it lasts! Come in to Doig Optometry this August to try out contacts. Book an appointment with us by calling 403-333-3353.

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