Four Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Screen Light

Our favourite pieces of technology are nearly impossible to avoid, so don’t! These tips will help your eyes when it comes to all that time spent in front of screens.

Phones, Tablets, & Computer Screens all emit what we optometrists call blue light. The light that’s emitted from a phone, tablet, or computer screen is meant to help illuminate text and graphics. As a side effect, the cones and rods in our eyes are fed a constant stream of light throughout the day. This is not natural for our vision and poses the risk of overexerting our eyes as a result.

Haze Protection, Blue Light Glasses: So far technology hasn't made many measures to protect our eyes from this blue light. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to prevent blue light from affecting your long-term vision. The first thing you can try is to download software onto your home computer which will protect your vision from harsh blue light affecting your eyes the entire day. F.lux is a donation-based software for macOS that changes the type of light your computer emits throughout the day. Unfortunately, that only covers some computers. A more consistent solution would be to ask your optometrist about blue light protection for your lenses. That way you'll stay protected from any phone, tablet, or computer light.

Avoid Contrast and Take Breaks The world's leading audio engineers advise young music producers to take breaks when mixing and mastering, in order to protect their ears. The same rule applies for those of us whose days are spent looking at a computer screen. In order to give your eyes a break from the harsh blue light you face for hours a day,  break up your periods of work with some other activity. Get up to look out of a window when you're on the phone, get off your smartphone during breaks, or bring something to the office like a yo-yo, Rubik's Cube, or juggling balls if you really want to get out of your chair! If you can make the time, these activities are great to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

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