Reading Headaches

It's amazing the variety of symptoms that can occur from eye strain. If you've been noticing headaches during the day, or problems with your near or far vision, it could indicate that you require reading glasses.

How Can Issues with Distance Indicate I Need Reading Glasses? When we put strain on our eyes, it can affect different aspects of our ocular health. Many people will begin to notice issues later in the day after straining their eyes from reading in the morning or afternoon. These symptoms can manifest by light seeming spread-out while driving, or having trouble with dim light such as looking at a menu in a restaurant.

This Often Occurs Without Blurriness because eye strain happens in an attempt to compensate for blurry vision. It’s the same as squinting, but not as noticeable. Squinting usually occurs as the result of blurred vision. Headaches come as a sign before blurriness occurs. Feeling slightly nauseated can also happen in combination or after vision headaches occur. If you’re unsure if what you’re feeling is vision related, try taking a break from reading or working. If it’s vision related, the symptoms should quickly disappear.

After You Take An Eye Test notice if there’s anything in your daily routine that could be changed to prevent other vision problems from occurring. If you like to read in bed, make sure you have an adequate source of light. If you share a bed, buy your partner an eye mask so this doesn’t bother them when they try to sleep. And if you have glasses but aren’t wearing them enough, you’ll be pleased to discover the comfortable contact lenses available at Doig Optometry.

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