Different Visual and Lifestyle Factors for Progressive Lenses

What Can You Do To Prepare For Your First Appointment?

Many of our patients, when preparing for their first appointment to get fitted with progressive lenses, ask us what they should bring with them. This is a great question! We ask our patients to bring their phone (or a book) to their appointment, in order for us to view the angle at which they read. In addition to this, we want to know more about your lifestyle, so we may ask questions about your work, your travel, and your daily habits.

Track How Much Time Are You Staring at a Screen?

It's great for us to know how much time you spend on a screen. Screens are such a big part of our day-to-day lives in 2017. Many of us will spend an entire work day looking at a screen, and not enough of us have the right protection. By knowing how much time you spend in front of a screen, the Calgary optometrists at Doig Optometry can make personalized recommendations. For example, blue light protection can help office workers prevent eye strain by aiding with some of the screen glare they intake by sitting in front of a phone or desktop computer.

How Active Are You?

If you spend a lot of time driving or outside doing physical work like landscaping or construction, it may not be a blue light filter that you need. In this case, Dr. Doig or Dr. Chorel will recommend transition glasses, prescription sunglasses, or at least a pair of clear glasses with UV protection coating. If you have a particularly active lifestyle, you can also ask your Doig optometrist about panoramic angle. Panoramic angle is the measurement of lens curvature. Patients with particularly active lifestyles may benefit from a curved lens as it doesn't block peripheral vision as much as normal, flat, glasses

Please bring your phone (or a book) and details about your activities, hobbies, and interests to your next eye appointment at Doig Optometry.  Knowing about your visual demands at work and at home will help our optometrists in making recommendations customized to your unique visual needs.

Hopefully this blog got you thinking about progressives, and you’re ready to book your first appointment! If so, call 403-333-3353 to book an appointment at our Calgary optometry clinic.

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