Segment Height and Binocular Balance

Are you about to make the switch to progressive lenses? Congratulations! Progressive lenses are a fantastic alternative to bifocals, and they assist multiple fields of vision by offering a seamless transition between each field. To ensure that your progressive lenses are perfect, there are few additional measurements the friendly Calgary optometrists at Doig Optometry will have to carry out.

By Nature we are biologically attuned to viewing close-up objects through the lower portion of our vision and distant objects through the top. When you hold an object,  whether it's a book, your phone, or some ancient tool our homosapien ancestors may have looked at, we all view near objects through the lower part of our vision. In order to measure segment height for reading or work on a computer, your optometrist will look at the distance from the bottom of the frame to approximately the middle of your pupil.

Binocular Balance: Ever wonder how even your eyes are? Some people will have a more apparent difference between the symmetry of their eyes. Others may have a slight difference that can go unnoticed unless a test is carried out. Testing your binocular balance will determine the evenness of your eyes, allowing Dr. Doig or Dr. Chorel to make precise adjustments which can compensate for asymmetrical vision.

The Ten Comprehensive Tests carried out by Doig Optometry cannot be replaced by an online test or self-exam, especially when it comes to progressive lenses. Omit, skip, or make even a slight mistake on these tests, and instead of glasses you love, you’ll be stuck with a pair you hate, or worse, headaches and blurred vision.

Come into Doig Optometry for a comprehensive exam that gives you a better knowledge of your own vision than you’ve ever had before. Our Calgary optometry clinic is conveniently located at 102, 8180 MacLeod Trail South East. Schedule your appointment today!

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