Signs That You Need New Glasses or Contacts

While we recommend that patients get routine eye exams, there are some times when a physiological change will signal that you’re due for an appointment sooner rather than later.

Headaches & Eye Fatigue

Whether or not you already have a prescription for glasses, getting headaches after reading or being in front of a computer can indicate that there are issues with your eyesight. The sensation of a headache from eye strain can vary, but typically it feels like there is pressure on the back of the eye or around the temples. Eye fatigue – like far away objects going out of focus sometimes during the day – can also mean your eyes are being strained. Most people will experience this sensation in the afternoon or evening after using their eyes for reading, writing, or calculating. Nearsighted eye strain, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you are nearsighted. When one aspect of your vision being strained, another can show its signs, such as headlights on a highway being splayed, or small text being doubled.

Why Do We Squint?

Squinting is another sign that your eyesight is poor. When we squint, we reduce the amount of light that hits the back of the retina. With less light, we are able to focus on one object better. It’s not the case that your eyelids improve your vision, but they assist in reducing the amount of light from what you’re trying to focus on.

“I Can See Fine But My Arms Are Getting Shorter”

Are you frequently moving screens or paper away from you in order to see what they say better? Pulling something close or holding it at a distance is a subconscious action we might do to move objects into the area of our vision that’s stronger. Holding a book away from you may bring it into focus, but then your eyes are strained to figure out what text says from far away.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s likely that you either have the wrong prescription or you may need glasses or contacts. Calgary’s Doig Optometry is now taking new clients, so give us a call at (403)-333-3353 to receive $25 to spend in our office on regular price glasses or contacts. Hope to see you soon

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