Why You Should Have UV Block Coating On Your Lenses.

When presented with the option of UV coated lenses, most people won’t consider the instances when it could protect their vision. Even if you only use glasses for part of the day, those hours may count towards degenerative eye conditions that could be easily avoided.

What Type of Sunglasses Should I Buy?

If you don’t wear glasses, or only wear them for part of the day, you’ll still need some sort of UV eye protection this summer. Dark-coloured glasses without UV protection don’t protect your eyes, so it’s better to pay for something that says ’100% UV protection’ or ‘UV coated’ regardless of fashion or price. Dark coloured glasses without this sort of protection can actually harm your eyes as, with the tinted lens, your pupils remain large, staying exposed to unfiltered rays.

What Do UV Rays Do?

Just like how we need to be cautious about the effects of UV rays on our skin, we need to be be careful of instances where it can affect our vision. UV rays can lead to the development of cataracts, as well as eye-surface problems like macular degeneration, pingueculae and pterygia. Just like sunburns can be easily prevented with sunscreen, proper UV protection can greatly reduce your risk of these.

Times That Call for UV Protection:

It’s not only our time on a beach that we should consider eye protection. Driving, playing sports outdoors, commuting, and sitting in a sunny café are all times when we should consider protecting our eyes. And that doesn’t mean you need a dark tint. Many of our prescription glasses or a shop’s nonprescription sunglasses appear transparent, but still have UV protection.

Don’t let unfiltered rays stop your summer fun from happening. Face the world with the right protection. Calgary’s Doig Optometry is your place to ask questions and get the right glasses for your lifestyle. And, we’re taking new patients! Give us a call at (403)-333-3353 to receive $25 to spend in our office on regular price glasses or contacts. See you soon!

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