Summer Sunglasses

When it comes to protection from the sun, your eyes are at just as much risk as your skin, which is why finding a comfortable, reliable pair of sunglasses is so important. With our help, you’ll find them, and look great too!

Style Variety:

At Doig Optometry, we can create a pair of glasses for you that are dedicated sunglasses, or a pair of prescription glasses that are tinted with a UV block. Some people prefer a dedicated pair of sunglasses for UV protection, usually when they’re farsighted and only need prescription glasses for reading. Other nearsighted folks may want a separate pair just for the outdoors. Keep in mind, however, that our ‘tinted UV block’ is available clear or in a variety of colours.

Not Spending Much Time in the Sun?

You may not think UV rays affect your lifestyle much, but those UV rays are in places you might not expect. They can still reflect off water, snow, cars, or other light-bouncing surfaces. A car windshield will not protect you from UV rays, but a pair of shades that live in your glovebox might.

We Take Your Lifestyle Into Account and consider your personal needs when choosing the right pair of glasses. Your lifestyle will make your needs unique, and we take pride in accommodating for that. The summer months are when we get the chance to play more outdoor sports, or spend sunny days with our kids in the park. Don’t put yourself at risk, especially when UV damage can be so easily avoided.

All it takes is mentioning sunglasses at your next eye exam at Doig Optometry. Don’t have an appointment yet? Make one today at 403-333-3353!

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