Reading Headaches

Reading Headaches – Doig Optometry – Optometrist Calgary It’s amazing the variety of symptoms that can occur from eye strain. If you’ve been noticing headaches during the day, or problems with your near or far vision, it could indicate that you require reading glasses.

Back-to-School Eye Test

Back-to-School Eye Test – Doig Optometry – Optometrist Calgary When Should You Start Routine Eye Exams For Your Child? Routine eye exams should begin to take place for children at the age of 5. That’s easy to remember as it’s the age that children will start school. Remember that ocular health can affect your child both physically as well as emotionally. A routine check is important to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their education.

Eye Health and Nutrition

Eye Health and Nutrition – Doig Optometry – Optometry in Calgary Nutrition plays an important role in vision, and eating a healthy and balanced diet can maintain the health and function of the eyes, so you will always see well. What dietary choices promote overall eye health? The answers are easy to understand if you know a little bit about how the eyes work.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Dry Eyes

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Dry Eyes – Doig Optometry – Optometry in Calgary In our last blog, we discussed the relationship between eye health and nutrition – specifically, between antioxidants and your macula. But there are many other ways in which nutrition and optometry interact. For example, did you know that your diet can also affect eye dryness?

Your Eyes and High Energy Light Protection (H.E.L.P.)

Our digital world puts us all in front of some sort of screen for some portion of our day, almost every day. The growth of technology becoming part of our daily routine has impacted our lives in ways unknown to previous generations. What we want to you know is how staring at a screen almost constantly affects your eyesight.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain – Doig Optometry – Optometry in Calgary Apart from the increased amount of blue light exposure due to screen use as explained on our last blog, long hours of digital device use (especially handheld device use) can cause soreness, tiredness, and eyestrain. We refer to this sort of eyestrain as “digital eye strain”. It comes more often to those who use their devices for more than an hour or two per day for a few reasons.

Progressive Lenses and Their Measurement Factors

Progressive Lenses and Their Measurement Factors – Doig Optometry – Optometrist Calgary Progressive lenses are a sophisticated alternative for those with varying focus needs at multiple distances. They require measurements of very intricate details in order to design the best type of lens for one’s vision.

Bring Your Phone To Your Appointment

Bring Your Phone To Your Appointment – Doig Optometry – Optometrist Calgary Yeah, you heard us right! We want you to bring your phone into your next Doig Optometry appointment. Why? Because phones are a large part of most people’s lives, and we read from them more than we read from paper these days. How you look at your phone can give your optometrist plenty of insight into your vision requirements, and here’s why.
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